Henk van Schuppen

As an interior architect he gained 20 years of experience working for the most prestigious design Studio’s in the Netherlands. Right after graduating from Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam he worked for 5 special years for the brilliant and baroque designer and architect Bořek Šípek. The most remarkable projects to be involved with were the Lagerfeldstores and a number of projects on the Presidential chancellery in Prague during the administration of Vaclav Havel. Next he worked at ZSA on the restoration, renovation and extension of the theater by Sybold van Ravesteyn, a listed building close to Rotterdam. Another noteworthy experience was working for Marcel Wanders studio on Marcel’s exuberant dreamprojects. Last but not least the cooperation with the supersmart young architects from UNStudio on large scale hospitality, retail, office and residential projects. These experiences shaped him as a designer and as a person. What has remained is his curiousity towards the next project that always slightly differs from all previous ones, thus facilitating new ideas and solutions. Starting his own business end of 2017 means the start of a brand new phase in which your project may benefit 100% from his skills, creativity and network.


Location:Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré Parijs

Lagerfeld store by Studio Šípek.

This flagshipstore was designed as part of a global Lagerfeld concept. The facades, doorknob, all fixed and loose furniture etc. were elaborated in this concept.



Extension and restauration of Sybold van Ravesteijn’s Theater by Zaanen Spanjers Architecten.

Picture of the large hall. This listed theater was fully renovated and restored, also a new glass lobby was built.

Marcel Wanders

Description:Interior Casa Son Vida by Marcel Wanders studio

Picture showing the living with custom designed sofa.
The existing Spanish style villa was enlarged with a ‘blob” by TEC architects. Marcel Wanders studio was responsible for the interior, including custom designed fixed and loose furniture.


Description:Canaletto high rise apartment building on City Road.
Picture of the entrance lobby.

UNStudio designed the tower and significant parts of the interior. Entrance lobby, pool, cinema and the double penthouse.



Theater de Stoep Spijkenisse by UNStudio .

Picture of one of the lobby bars.
The theater and interior were designed by UNStudio.

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