Amsterdam Noord

Location:Oostzanerdijk Amsterdam
Description:Extension and re-use of an existing house and barn.
Status:Schematic Design, Construction is scheduled for 2019/2020

This beautiful picture from the early 50’s shows a cart for selling herring. Unfortunately, in course of time the open space between house and barn was closed off and also the barn lost it’s historical looks. The Oostzanerdijk is known for a typical arrangement of houses, consistently having small open area’s between them, which allows you to peek through and see parts of the meadows behind. This happens to be a rare arrangement which is why the whole of Oostzanerdijk is protected as a monument. (Rijksbeschermde lintbebouwing) Therefore we decided to make the connection between shed and house on gardenlevel, thus restoring the see-through experience. In the shed-part we plan a livingroom and kitchen while the house-part will contain the entrance, staircase, library and bedrooms.

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